Carefree Living Guarantee
Strong Brand Equity
Resident Experience Driven


SEO Value

ARIUMliving.com is a leading property website in the industry that outranks most property websites in organic search.

Speed to Market

Because the ARIUM brand is well-known, rebranding is much easier because each of our active markets already holds an ARIUM presence.

More Efficient Marketing

Increased brand awareness and effective strategies lead to reduced marketing costs across our portfolio.

Modern Branding

From the logo, to collateral, to each ad, the ARIUM brand resonates with today's renter.

ARIUM Living

Scott Gilpatrick

Scott Gilpatrick serves as Vice President for CARROLL. In this role, Scott is responsible for the operations of the entire portfolio and executing on the ARIUM Living promise. His responsibilities include providing leadership to Regional Vice Presidents and Regional Property Managers while coordinating communications with owners, asset managers, and senior management.

ARIUM is a Consumer Brand Built on a Promise

Carroll doubled down on ARIUM by beginning the process of building a consumer brand on a promise: to remove the barriers renters face in apartment living so that they are freed to focus on the things that matter most to them.

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