Delivering Well-Conceived Projects
Leading Development Services
Leading Construction Management Services


Due Diligence

Market knowledge and local vendors allow CARROLL to quickly diligence any defensive and offensive capital needs at the site level.

Ideation and Design

Significant experience in identifying value-creation opportunities and translating vision into effective, revenue-enhancing design concepts.

Architectural Drawings and Renderings

In-house design and architectural staff with the skill set to create drawings necessary for projects, while reducing the cost of outsourcing and increasing speed to construction.

Scope Creation and Bid Management

Ability to translate design concepts and drawings into accurate scopes of work, then leveraging competitive bids to achieve optimal pricing, timing and quality.

Vendor Sourcing and FFE Procurement

Corporate-level accounts that create economies of scale and reliable labor relationships across the country.

Project Management

Direct oversight and quality control of vendors to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and in the highest quality manner.

Construction Management

Bob Rathmanner

Bob Rathmanner serves as Director of Construction Management for CARROLL. In his role, he is responsible for the implementation and execution of planned and unplanned capital improvements to the communities across the portfolio. Bob directs the production activities of 7 project managers, 2 compliance managers, and 2 licensed architects, to execute the capital improvements to the portfolio.

Methodical Process in Executing Value-Add Projects

The execution of value-add strategies acts as a primary component of CARROLL's business model. The consistent success is a result of the methodical process CARROLL employs to select and transform properties equipped with the potential to grow within the economic parameters of the market.

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