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Culture of Learning
People-Centric Organization



CARROLL consistently recruits top-tier talent across the board.


CARROLL offers all team members the training needed to succeed.

Learning and Development

Growth happens every day at CARROLL through learning and development processes.


CARROLL employees are provided with the support needed to grow.

Performance Management

The performance of CARROLL employees is consistently gauged and improved over time.

Compensation Administration

CARROLL employees are appropriately compensated according to experience and position.

Employee Recognition

CARROLL recognizes the triumphs and successes of team members.

Community Involvement

CARROLL takes pride in community involvement across the southeast.

People Team

Melanie Brasher

Melanie Brasher serves as the Vice President of People for CARROLL. She believes that people are one of CARROLL's most valuable assets and strives to ensure that our people are growing, developing and thriving in their careers. Melanie oversees strategy, management and all day to day employee activities. As CARROLL grows, she looks to enable our thriving culture through people and enhancing value.

Cultivating a Culture of Learning

CARROLL is collectively made up of team members who are independent thinkers, but work together to solve problems and develop new ideas. This can only be achieved through a culture of learning. At CARROLL, we've fostered a culture that welcomes associates who love to learn and want to grow and develop.

Employee Feature Image

From Intern to Full-Time

Professional relationships should promote collaboration, growth, and understanding to create a strong work environment. At CARROLL, we foster a company culture that promotes these relationships between every employee, whether they are a department leader or a summer intern.

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